A Mother's Passion

Twelve years ago I gave birth to my first of three children.  As mothers do, I wanted everything to be just perfect, so I became a conscious label-reader and researched anything that was unfamiliar to me.  My son was fed organics, took the finest vitamins and supplements and he ate antibiotic & hormone-free meats and poultry. 

On the outside he was bathed in what I deemed to be the best most natural body wash & shampoo.  I also concerned myself with what I washed and dried his little clothes in.  I didn't feel right about using anything with chemicals so I found a more natural based laundry detergent and opted to not use any fabric softener or dryer sheets at all.  My laundry used to come out in a huge static-y heap but I didn't care.  I was just happy that we weren't breathing in harsh chemicals nor were we putting them next to his sensitive skin for it to be absorbed into his bloodstream.

As time went on we were blessed with two more precious darlings and that meant more clothes to wash and dry and lots more static-y laundry to pull apart and fold. 

One day I was in the school yard chatting with a friend when she handed me a Norwex catalog.  I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was all about.  As I flipped through the pages, the ‘dryer balls’ caught my eye.  I immediately thought back to all those years of static-y laundry and wondered if this would be the welcome change I could use and it was!!! 

Not only did my laundry dry without static, but it wasn't wrinkled and even seemed to dry a bit quicker.  Because I didn't understand the full scope of these amazing Norwex products, I didn't order anything else until I was invited to an actual party and saw what this incredible product could do. 

It was there that I decided that every woman I knew, loved and cared about and every woman she loved and cared about had to know about Norwex and the incredible products for home and body. 

I signed up for free that month and set my trail ablaze.  I was learning so much and informing others while I too was learning.  All I knew for certain was that I could help educate others to make positive changes for them and their families. 

So together with an incredible team beside me, I passionately make my way from home to home and family to family to educate and inform women and men how to eliminate chemicals yet still give their homes the real clean. 

If you have never seen my ‘chicken test’ then let’s connect for a PLP (Pink Linking Pink) soon and I’ll show you – it’s very impressive

By Rachel Wilkinson, Passionate Mother and Norwex Independent Consultant.  Discover more at Rachel's website and her Facebook Page.