My Dream for Pinkpreneurs

I knew that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but didn't know how to go about it. Originally, when I took my business degree at University, my vision was to work in my father's successful business.  I dreamed that after working my way up, my father would retire and I'd take on the leadership reins.  Well, that was a dream that didn't happen.  

After almost 20 years in the corporate world, working in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Sales, I was gifted with the opportunity to start my own business.  Yes, I was downsized twice in a period of 2 years.  At first, I didn't see being let go as a gift.  The first time it happened I drove home in tears.  The second time, I was singing, laughing and happy to be free of the corporate world. No more bosses!  No more rush hour traffic!  Finally, I was going to live my dream and be an entrepreneur.

I invested in myself and earned a Certificate in Coaching.  Then, I built my website.  While I waited for clients to find me, I enjoyed my freedom.  I met the man of my dreams (who is now my husband) and I enjoyed my life.  

As I waited, and waited and waited some more, I wondered when the clients I was told would find me would call me.  I had a coaching certificate and a website - what more do you need?  Clients didn't miraculously start calling me.  They didn't find my website.  I had to figure out how to build my business from scratch, by myself, all alone.  I discovered that being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging, experiences I've ever been through.  

As I learned more and more about being a success in my business, I made the decision that other women would not have to suffer along the way that I did.  I decided to create a place for women to connect, to build relationships, to learn from each other, to refer each other so that everyone could succeed and prosper.  My vision has always been for Pinkpreneurs to learn from each other's mistakes and to share our successes with each other.   

We held the first meeting on January 22, 2013.  I'm delighted to tell you that we have continued to grow since that date. I've enjoyed watching the connections and partnerships that have been created.  I've been delighted with the success that many of our Pinkpreneurs have today as a result of women they've connected with and what they've learned at our events.  Even more rewarding are the transformations I've witnessed of many Pinkpreneurs.

Now, after 2 years, I want to take Pinkpreneurs to the next level.  I want to give you, as a Pinkpreneur, more opportunities to learn from each other and to grow your business.   This is why I've created the Pink Sapphire and Pink Diamond Memberships.  You can read all about our memberships and whether being connected with a group of amazing entrepreneurial women will help you build your business by going to the Join Us page.    

Only members will have opportunities to promote their business and be speakers at our live events.  While I've very much enjoyed it, I've worked hard these past 2 years to build this group and to bring together amazing women who have compassionate spirits, a willingness to offer their wisdom and a desire to succeed.  Now, we're taking it to the next level.  

I am getting closer to my dream for Pinkpreneurs.  I want you to succeed in your business beyond your wildest dreams.  I want you to share your best practices so that other Pinkpreneurs can learn from you.  I want to give you opportunities to learn from each other.  

My Pinkpreneurs Dream is starting to happen, but I need you.  I've got big plans, but I know I can't do it alone.  

will you join me?

By Suzanne Smith, Business Clarity Coach |Founder & CEO Pinkpreneurs