Say Yes to a Bigger & Better Life

My name is Kristen and I am a Mindset Mastery Mentor. This wasn’t always my title but I realized that this is what I’ve always done with clients whether in health, business or life. My journey has led me to a place where I am so passionate about empowering women to end the self-sabotage and really find the success they desire in their business and life.  I believe it all starts with your mindset.

My journey began with a passion for healthy living.  After graduating from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition I began working with women in the areas of digestion and weight loss.  Women would have results but I found the majority of women would lose weight but would never keep it off. This led me to my discovery of the missing link (and this link is not just for weight loss)….Ontology or the study of who we’re being in relation to what we are doing.  This is the missing piece in all we do, and it shows up in our mindset, habits and behaviors.

I began my own journey in personal growth studying NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and ontological coaching and I realized the piece that was missing was the unconscious piece. The reason why women could not sustain or attain results was because the unconscious piece was always working….97% of the time. 

I began to have women contact me in the areas of business and life goals, so I transferred my knowledge to assist them, lo and behold they too got results in every area of their life.  These women became different beings literally by practicing my nine mindset shifts in their life.  This translated into success in their business and life.

I realize I was not the only woman who took herself out of the game by questioning if what I was doing was good enough, questioning what others would think of me, making sure everything was perfect before I started and of course allowing mental mind chatter to pave the way (and not the positive chatter) and the list goes on. 

It’s what was invisible that was stopping me from creating a business and life I love.

I have the privilege to now walk women through the same steps that I took and continue to live so you can build a business that allows you to create the dreams and goals you have for your life.

No more settling, no more limitations, no more living client-to-client, wondering when the next one will come, no more questioning whether you’ll have to go back to your day job, no more playing small and procrastinating. No More!

I’ve paved the way and I’ve certainly walked in your shoes and I’m here ready to help you get out of your way so you can say YES to a bigger, better life and making it happen NOW.

By Kristen Owens, Mindset Mastery Mentor