From Darkness to Empowerment

My Journey to Being An Entrepreneur

Being enterprising was a mandatory requirement in my family. There was always something going on from MLMs to a family chocolate factory in the dining room. Mom and Dad both owned businesses along the way.

I didn’t learn a lot unfortunately about being an entrepreneur other than work was required.

It wasn’t until I was in the middle of a life changing leadership training that I realized that I was hiding in my government management job; a leader no longer content to ‘lead from within’. I tendered my resignation and took the greatest leap of all.

That is when I found out how far the gap was between being an expert at delivering a service and knowing how to run a business that delivered that expertise. Doesn’t really matter how much runway you give yourself if you forget to attach the wings.

The nest egg had run out long ago and the debt was piling up when I realized that everything had been going dreadfully sideways – and for some time.

Just before I was going to have to admit defeat, I sat back and really looked at what I was doing.

I had successfully isolated myself. There was a website, copy, pictures, programs, even a government vendor of record. In all this work I had missed a very important piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle – isolation means death.

  • People didn’t know who I was or what I offered
  • I refused to find people who could help me
  • There wasn’t a mentor to tell me where the road I was on was leading.

I was in the dark. But hey, my website looked great!

Failure Was Not An Option

For those who have met me, I can be just stubborn. I refused to crawl back into the government and ask for my job back. I saw the look of hope on their faces when I was leaving, they wanted to be able to leave too – if only they knew the risk was worth it.

So I reached out to the most successful person in my field, one of my trainers – Dr. Kim Redman. I admitted to my ostrich like behaviour and asked for guidance and mentorship. She accepted. There were other options – not better ones though. Dr. Kim had already successfully implemented the same business that I was implementing. She had already reached the seven figure mark. She had successfully helped others implement in the expert model. The track was laid - I just had to follow it.

Over time, I mastered the skills, and began to teach them to others. I was good at it and soon I changed the entire focus of my business. There was a fire inside me to lay the sign posts for new entrepreneurs – the perspective, the skills, the training required. To show them the path they would need to travel to success. Not just success, but success faster and brighter than I had. For every person that can reach their goals in 6 months instead of 2 years, I will know it was all worth it.

My Education Track

I have a highly diverse background – paramedic to restaurant manager, and franchise manager to Project Manager. It was the Professional NLP Leadership programs that pulled it altogether in a single place. I gained the knowledge of true communications that build authentic relationships, sales as integrity-filled service, and took advantage of all the personal development and growth along the way.

From Practitioner, to Mastery, to Trainer – each level brought its own opportunities to build and grow my leadership platform.

How I Empower Others Today

The most important part of my work is modeling; to walk the talk. For those that are looking to develop their leadership skills in the entrepreneurial arena, they will resonate with my message. I share the model I use, they build their business from the inside out, designed to feed their soul and their wallet.

It’s my job to keep it real and keep it fun as we create a human chain of success and celebration of human potential and excellence

Your Call To Action

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How deep do you want the rabbit hole to go?

By Karen Kessler, Entrepreneur Mentor, Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Author.  Choose Results