When "That's it! I'm DONE" Is The Beginning

Often, the beginning of something great starts with the ending of something else.

Exactly 5 years ago, I wrote an email to a group of female entrepreneurs that I had become quite close with over the previous 6 months. I was becoming more and more comfortable with networking and was searching for different ways to get out to more events. 

You see, before April of 2012, I adamantly refused to network. I had been to networking events when I was in my corporate roles and always felt left out, alone and ostracized. I didn't know anyone there and they didn't know me. (Kinda the point, eh?). So, I decided that this networking thing wasn't for me. So, after struggling in my coaching business for 5 years, I finally found a group of fabulous women that I belonged to. Everything went swimmingly until it didn't. 

Finally, one day, I wrote this email. The subject line was "That's it! I'm DONE!" 

Here is the original email:

Now, I have a proposal for you.

WE CREATE OUR OWN FABULOUS GROUP!  We need an equally fabulous name.  This can be our first agenda item.

I would like to lead us all in some activities, so that at the end of every meeting we walk away with something that will help each of us build and grow our businesses.  

I propose that our group be organic and be about:

supporting each through challenging times in our business
celebrating each of our successes
having a safe place to practice presentations, elevator speeches, calls to action and pitches
selling each other’s services

I also think that we should have yearly Holiday parties and summer outings just for fun.  This is what I miss about belonging to a corporation.  I miss going to the company events.  I suggest we create our own!

In addition, we could decide as a group if we’d like to volunteer our time and energy to organize an event for charity or raise money or food or something. 
— Suzanne Longstreet

And this was our beginning. The concept still holds for Pinkpreneurs. We are a fabulous group of amazing women. Our name is Pinkpreneurs. We offer monthly meetings where we have trained facilitators lead the group in business building workshops so that everyone walks away with ideas to implement immediately to grow their business.

Plus, I'm excited and delighted to be planning our 5th Annual Holiday Party! Stay tuned for details and I'll share which Charity we will be supporting this year.

I'm so grateful to that first networking group for showing me that networking is an amazing way to build and grow your business. Without them, Pinkpreneurs would never have started.