Pink is not just a colour, it’s an Attitude!

Female Entrepreneurs, a.k.a. Pinkpreneurs, are changing the world.  

Today, more than ever before, more women are starting successful businesses and changing the world around them.

Pinkpreneurs is about encouraging, empowering and emboldening female entrepreneurs to stand out and make a difference in the world.

Pinkpreneurs is a movement consisting of strong entrepreneurial women and provides opportunities for women to build, collaborate, commit, refer and educate each other to build the wildly successful business of their dreams.  

Pinkpreneurs consists of like-minded women entrepreneurs who build their businesses in gratitude and on the principles of being ethical, genuine, giving, caring, compassionate and authentic with others.

Pinkpreneurs believe in giving first and receiving referrals as well as in getting involved in each other’s businesses so that everyone succeeds and thrives.

Pinkpreneurs have confidence in our hearts that what we give out with a genuine spirit will come back to us exponentially.

Pinkpreneurs focus on educating each other on best practices and lessons learned so that others can learn from our failures and successes.


PINK LINKING PINK is not only the Pinkpreneurs tagline it is also how we build relationships with each other.  We encourage Pinkpreneurs to connect and collaborate with other Pinkpreneurs outside of our monthly meetings.  We refer to these meetings as “PLP’s”.  They are a great way to help each to succeed and prosper in each of our businesses. 

So, instead of meeting a fellow Pinkpreneur for a business meeting or a relationship building session, we get together and have a PLP.  This sounds much more intriguing doesn't it?