Social Media Tip: Quality Over Quantity

If one of your goals is to connect with genuine social media users that are engaging and will interact with your content, then I suggest your strategy includes sharing QUALITY content, while connecting with a targeted audience.

How to Generate Quality Content for Social Media

1. Use Great Images

If you are creating content that includes visual graphics, including a high quality image in your content will be more visually appealing. You can either use good quality images you create or take yourself, or select from a wide range of free online resources. My favourite website for beautiful free photos is

For example, if you search for “social media” there are currently 1240 free photos / pictures you can use. This changes all of the time as photographers upload new content.

2. Well Written Social Media Posts

A high quality social media post will include text that clearly explains what your post is about and what message you are trying to communicate. The key here is to share your message in text format in a way that is short, to the point, but still effective.

3. Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Hashtags are a key component of a high quality social media post. They are now used on all social media platforms (yes even LinkedIN) and are expected by readers. Tweets that included hashtags get over twice the engagement as tweets that do not. The trick here is to not spam your post with hashtags. You may see on Instagram more hashtags seem to be acceptable but based on my research using approx 10 – 12 on Instagram is the magic number, where on the other platforms I suggest approx 5 per post. Choose hashtags that reflect the content of your post as well as your business and your key search terms. For example:

#MotivationMonday #SocialMediaTips #SarahClarkeBiz #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram

4. Call to Action

This is the last step in preparing a great quality social media post. Always include a call to action in your social media posts when you are hoping or asking for the user to take another step. I.e. link to your website, email address, phone number. Especially if you are creating a sales post – you have a great image, you have well written inspiring text, your hashtags….now what? What do you want the person viewing your content to do? Always include a call to action.

5. Video

Another way to generate amazing quality social media content is through the use of Video. Video gets more engagement on all platforms and really should be part of any social media strategy. The above suggestions still apply – great written text, hashtags, and a call to action should be included with your video post.

How to Generate a Quality Audience for your Social Media Platforms

Here is where focusing on building a quality audience vs building a large audience should be carefully considered.  I have worked with companies that though they have a large following on Facebook or Instagram, their posts did not receive much engagement.  I believe this is because at some point they purchased followers, or used a program or bot to grow their audience. This is a big lesson - do not waste your money on buying followers.  The best way to grow a quality audience is to share great content, and connect with your target audience. Then the act of engaging yourself will help grow your audience even more.  

Building quality relationships with your audience and showing you are authentic and reactive will have a much better result for your long term marketing than having a large vanity metric audience.

I would rather have 200 quality engaging people following my social media account than 2000 that never interact with me. Relationship building and generating a quality, targeted audience are key strategies to include in your social media plan moving forward. So how do you find quality followers? The first step is to have your social media profiles set up, and optimized consistently across all platforms. The next step is to share quality content. Here are some other suggestions to building a Quality Audience

Be Interactive Yourself

The more interactive you are on social media, the more engagement you will get back. Being engaging yourself on other content will come back to you – and help build engagement on your content. It’s like social media karma! This is perfectly acceptable by your brand accounts too. Like, comment, and share content that is relevant to your business. Participate in Facebook Groups. Participate or host Twitter Chats. Offer value. Be human!

Connect with your Targeted Audience

Follow and connect with the audience you are trying to target. Reach out. Say hello. Thank them for following. Don’t “waste” your follows on accounts that:

  • Don’t have a profile photo (aka an egg)

  • Haven’t posted in the last two months

  • Don’t interact with you or follow you in return

  • Are not relevant to your business

If you are setting out to succeed on social media (and really in any area of digital marketing) I always suggest that you follow my 3 prong approach: Branding + Strategy + Implementation

As part of your strategy I would suggest you make it clear that one of your goals is to avoid vanity metrics and to generate quality content, and have quality audience. This includes have a great quality website, consistent social media profiles, and sharing great quality content. If you have any other suggestions on ways to have “Quality over Quantity” in your digital marketing strategy please share in the comments below!

HOW I am changing in my journey as a successful entrepreneur …. The Pinkpreneurs way!

As far back as I can remember I wanted to run my own business.  When I was a tween I had a few craft type businesses, and when I was 17 I ran my own flyer deliver business for the summer.

My journey was distracted in my early 20s by the appeal of a regular salary as an accountant.  This didn’t last long and certainly did not match my creative personality.

As an entrepreneur I have managed a few successful businesses. Some succeeded and some failed. .  This is the reality of an entrepreneur.  And the lesson is always to dust yourself off, identify what your lesson was, and move on.  Learn and grow.

Where I am today in my journey.  

Now I am coming out of a divorce that completely rattled me emotionally and financially.  But I’ve survived and have come out the other side of that experience….. finally - stronger and more determined than ever for success.

I have found that I am drawn more and more to strong, supportive women in business that are paving their own journeys to success.  The more I build my “tribe” of like-minded women, the more positive energy I am feeling, and actual growth and opportunities are opening up faster than I had ever imagined.

Here is a little formula that has worked for me in life and in business.  HOW

Honesty Open Mind Willingness


First and foremost being honest with myself has been absolute KEY to my growth.  When I am honest with myself, I can clearly identify my strengths and weaknesses.  I can focus on my strengths and get help for my weaknesses (i.e. delegate tasks or hire professionals.)  For example - I can absolutely do my own accounting.  After all that’s what I went to school for.  But HONESTLY not only do I not like doing it - it is not a growth task for me.  I’m better at sales, marketing and business development.  So, I honestly assess this and hire a bookkeeper.

Honesty also helps me to listen to my inner self and follow what I truly want in life.  Here’s a great question to ask, “What do I want?”.  Have you ever tried this?  It is a tool that was pretty foreign to me in a past life - after all I was busy pleasing everybody else.  So now I ask, “What does Sarah want?”. 


I can’t stress enough how absolutely frustrated closed minded people make me.  You know - those people that argue with you constantly about how stuff can’t possibly be done that way or refuse to learn or grow or change in any way.  To me being open minded is a tool in my growth because I recognize that I must constantly be learning, listening and changing in order to experience success. 

Having an open mind is a key to being open to new possibilities and opportunities that might be presented to you.

To have an open mind means to listen.  I listen to what my clients say, what my team is saying, and here’s the best one - on social media.  I use social listening as a tool to stay on top of trends, news and what is being said online in my industry or about myself or my business.

Having an open mind has allowed me through listening to others (especially my clients) to grow my business, offer new services and grow my skill set.


the quality of being happy to do something if it is needed:

Being willing (and happy) to do something if it is needed is a quality that allows me to provide great customer service.  Having this quality allows me to be open to help in any way I can.  And this is one of my core values. 

**Keeping in mind that my time is valuable, and my services are worth something being willing does not mean in business to do for free.  Being willing may mean saying “absolutely I can help you with that and I estimate it will cost you $xxx dollars**

Today in my journey as an entrepreneur I have enlisted outside help in the form of personal and business coaching to help me overcome some of the “blocks” that were preventing me from reaching my true potential.  I am feeling more empowered and focused than ever before.  I look forward to connecting with more women and building my “tribe” of support through the Pinkpreneurs network. 

By Sarah Clarke, Owner, Dufferin Media