Summer Fun, Education and Planning!

It's summer!  The days are longer, the weather is warmer and life is just easier don't you think?

What are you focusing your attention on this summer?  Are you enjoying this time with your family and friends?  Are you making sure that you make time for yourself and have some fun? Are you worrying about how to get clients or new business?  Are you avoiding your business all together and will get back to it in September?  

What end of the spectrum are you on right now?  

Summer is a great time for getting out, spending time with family and friends, investing in yourself and planning for the upcoming busier months starting in September.  

This summer, I took a whole 6 weeks and invested in myself.  I've been interested in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) since 2002.  NLP is the behavioural study of excellence and how to reproduce it. Finally, after years of searching, the opportunity I had been searching for arrived and I began my NLP journey in May.

Today I am certified as a Master NLP Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master in Hypnosis and Master in Creating Your Future TM.  I learned how to conversationally change the internal world of myself and my clients so that your natural magnificence emerges, easily.  In addition, I'm now able to guarantee coaching results for my clients in writing.  

In July I became a Designated NLP Trainer and am an internationally recognized board institute that can board designate others. In addition, I've discovered the secret to rocking it on stage and avoid the dismissal that happens to most in under 38 seconds! 

While I was gone and focusing on myself for much of June and July, I still managed to have fun!  I spent time in nature with some of the biggest trees I've ever seen, well not as big as the Redwoods in California, but huge by our Ontario standards.  I went swimming in the lake, enjoyed a bonfire on the beach and meeting many fabulous people.  

Now, I'm back and spending time planning for new events, workshops and coaching options for clients.  

I plan to continue incorporating some fun into my days as this weather is amazing and we need to get out in it as much as possible.  I've made plans to have some PLP's (Pink Linking Pink) with amazing Pinkpreneurs.  I'm continuing to get out and network to meeting new people and connecting with familiar faces.  

Right now I'm creating my newest workshop called from Invisible to Invincible.  I'll be sharing more details with you soon.

What are you doing?  What are you creating?  What are you planning for your business? How do you invest in yourself?

By:  Suzanne Longstreet, Business Clarity Coach & CEO Pinkpreneurs.  Connect with me today to book your 30 minute complimentary Clarity Session.