Do you believe that you need to form connections by getting to know others so that you can create the Know, Like and Trust Factor
Do you believe in giving and receiving referrals with the belief that getting involved in each other’s businesses will ensure that everyone succeeds and prospers?  Do you have the confidence in your heart that what you give out with a genuine spirit will come back to you exponentially? 

Be part of a community of strong entrepreneurial women who happily share their successes with you so that you can build your business.  You'll develop relationships with successful women who have been in business for years and some who are just starting out.  

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  ~ Helen Keller

Join Pinkpreneurs today and move your business forward to success and prosperity.  


Select the level and payment plan that's right for you and your business.  

Monthly Membership:  

Pink Diamond Membership for $22.00 plus HST per month

Yearly Membership:  

Pink Diamond Membership for $247 plus HST per year

Membership Benefits                                      

Discounts to All Live Events                                                                            

Listing in Pinkpreneurs Directory                                                                    

Access to Pinkpreneurs Webinars                                                                 

Access to Private Pinkpreneurs Members Only Facebook Group              

Early Bird Price of $10 including HST for Monthly Meetings                       

Opportunities to be featured in the Pinkpreneurs Webinar                                                               

Discount on Opportunities to Promote at Live Event(s)                                                                       

Opportunities to Write Guest Blogs & Articles                                                                                                                    

Opportunities to Speak at Live Pinkpreneurs Events                                                                            

Opportunities to Lead Regional Meetings as an Executive Director                

Monthly Virtual Hot Pink Candy Mastermind Meeting                                         

More About the Membership Levels:

Being a Pink Diamond Member is for you if you want to be part of a community of strong entrepreneurial women.  You also enjoy investing in yourself and your business by learning as much as possible from successful entrepreneurial women and of course you love getting a discount to events.  

You'll be interested in being a Pink Diamond Member if you want to grow your business.  You want opportunities to share your genius via written blogs, articles and weekly promotions to the Pinkpreneurs community .  

You understand that the best way to grow your business is to find opportunities to speak and present.  Pink Diamond Members will enjoy the added bonus of speaking, writing and offering virtual webinars.  

You will stand out in the Pinkpreneurs community.  This is the membership for you if you're interested in getting out there in a big way.

Purchase Your Membership Today!  

All memberships are for a period of one year.  If you decide to cancel your yearly membership (other than the end of the full year), your yearly payment will be prorated by rounding up to the nearest full month and after an administration fee of $25 is applied, you will be reimbursed the remaining amount. 

Pink Link Program

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