I really enjoy attending Pinkpreneurs. I get to meet lots of wonderful women who are all like-minded entrepreneurs. The values of Pinkpreneurs resonated with me which is why I attended the first session and now I look forward to going every month. If you are looking for a supportive and friendly group of women who are all there to help each other and have some fun then this is the group for you.
— Maria Robertson, Twins Infant Care Specialist & Postpartum Doula, Sleep Consultant (IACSC) www.newmummycompany.ca
I just wanted to let you all know how much I LOVE and Appreciate Each one of you and the Pinkpreneurs Networking Group.

I knew I would be networking with this group, but I was unprepared and immensely surprised by the friendships I have made. The Pinkpreneur Members are a group of women who have a specific mindset and value based thinking that fits with me.

Helping first.. Business Second. What you give out in life…. you get back tenfold.
What is also a pleasant surprise… that with EVERY Event.. I LEARN… There is Always an educational component when I attend and I come back with a key piece of information that I did not know. Whether is be about an organization you are supporting with a charitable Donation, a business concept, or a idea – I ALWAYS feel I have come away with VALUE!

Thank you so much for creating this Amazing Group. I am honoured and proud to be a Pinkpreneur.
— Linda Sztanko, SendOut Cards & Kangen Water
I attended the first few Pinkpreneurs meetings in 2013 and enjoyed the camaraderie and spirit of sharing that Suzanne nurtured. Fast forward a few months, life got in the way and I missed several meetings. I am proud to say that I am now a born-again Pinkpreneur, excited to be back with supportive, non-judgmental female small business owners. Women who have helped me brand myself as a Happiness Ambassador and who were there when I was asked to emcee The Giving Back Conference. Thanks Suzanne, for empowering us to live in our Pink Attitude!
— Anna Hill, Happiness Ambassador and karatbars International Affiliate
Pinkpreneurs is a great place for business women to exchange ideas in an energetic environment. It’s a fun and entertaining evening. Not your usual networking event. It’s different.

At each meeting, my goal is to introduce myself to 5 new people looking to expand their business outside of the norm. I get a chance to really talk and get to know these women. The Pinkpreneurs meeting is about letting your inner female come out in a professional manner. It really allows us as women to do what we are best at – build meaningful and lasting relationships.
— Bonnie Lambert, Legal Shield Representative, www.b_lambert.legalshield.com
The Pinkpreneurs is an incredible fresh fun ladies networking group that is an absolute joy to attend. You make fabulous connections with other women in an environment that is warm welcoming and geared to really helping each other become more successful not only in business but in life. The ladies are truly supportive and have your best interest in mind when making meaningful introductions and referrals. This is one of the networking events that I look forward to each and every month.
— Keri Copcutt, Regional Vice President, Arbonne
I felt an instant recognition of ‘THAT’S ME’ when I read the Pinkpreneurs Mission Statement. THIS is how I choose to be in all my networking interactions now...there is NO going back!
I connected in such a powerful way that I had never done before...and it felt SO GOOD! Thank you to Suzanne for your beautiful vision of the future.
You have set the bar very high for female networking moving forward. Blessings on ALL your efforts!
— Elvira Hopper, Professional Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Artistic Multipreneur, www.elvirahopper.com