Pinkpreneurs is a movement of strong entrepreneurial women who believe in authenticity and generousity.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide in person and virtual opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurial women to connect, collaborate, refer and educate each other so that every Pinkpreneur becomes wildly successful and prosperous.   

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to change the world for women in business by demonstrating that pink is more than just a colour, it's an attitude.  Pink is strength, confidence and generousity.  

Our Values:


We believe in living our lives and building our businesses in appreciation and with gratitude.


We believe in being ethical and honest in all of our transactions as we treat each other with dignity and respect.


We believe in PINK LINKING PINK by giving first and actively listening as we all strive to enhance each other’s success.


We believe in relying on each other, providing a supportive network and striving for each other’s success.


We believe in the process of sharing our wisdom, knowledge and experience for the purpose of helping others succeed and prosper.


We believe in creating successful businesses for each other and ourselves while having FUN as we succeed.